Seductive electronic pop with woozy, hip-hop-inspired beats for the late-night hours

Alice Wondering is a French-English artist based in London and raised in Paris. A classically-trained Cellist, she moved to the UK in 2015, and quickly became heavily involved in the underground electro, hip-hop, R&B landscape and the UK night culture. This is where she meets Ellis Moss, a fast growing talent after releasing his hit “The Shake” with Toolroom Records. The result of their collaboration is Égotisme, a fluid and sensual debut EP, blending contemporary R&B, hip-hop and electro-pop. An inescapably exciting sound that feels true to her experiences, taking the listener from an atmospheric ego-romantic cry for help, to a darker cinematic ride between Paris and London.


Égotisme is currently in:

Le Protocole radio's playlist "Nouveautés" everyday 12-14h.

Alternantes main playlist.